Sunday, November 28, 2010


Pets everywhere we looked.  Cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, and creative pets like pine cones - lol!!!
There were prizes given out for best dressed pet, the most unusual - a pine cone almost won that, but the chickens won, the most obedient, and lots more.

We had the big dogs parade first, then the middle size dogs, and then the small dogs.  There were cats, birds and even a snail.

We had to have our pets there in the morning and then our parents had to take them home so they wouldn't be at school all day.

It was really nice because lots of parents came with their pets.

It was a great morning and we hope we can do it again next year.

By Storm and Alex W

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Science Roadshow

Today we went to the Science Roadshow at Balmacewen.  They had heaps of things to do in their hall.  First we watched some demonstrations and they let off a rocket; it was really loud.  Then we were allowed to play with the other activities.

Here we have Jonathan.  Jonathan is looking through the microscope at some pieces of cloth.  You can see the cotton really up close.  Hopefully Jonathan is having lots of fun.

I went to the exhibit where you have to get a ball through the hoops.  The white part in the photo is where the ball bounces off and you can shift it to change the angle.  The higher up you put the slope, the higher the ball would go,  I managed to get the ball through one of the hoops.

WOOSH!  Here we are playing with hover balloons,  First we filled the balloons with air from an automatic bike pump.  The air would fill up the balloon and as it came out it would make them travel across the table, and we could play bumper carts.
Liam & Ryan

This is a nail bed and I'm lying on it.  It didn't really hurt.  This is because there are heaps of nails around you and this helps support you.  If you stood on just one nail it would really hurt.

You can put the ball on top of the blower and it will support the ball in the air.  The blower has to match the arrow and when it does it starts.  If you turn the table round one of the plates hovers below the other. Turn the table once again and you remove the plate and place a ball on the blower and it will start to bounce.

I went to this table that has a hair dryer, different kinds of metal rods, a holder, and a small measuring machine.  The point was to use the hair dryer to heat up the rods to see if they expand.  We had to see which type of rod expanded the most.

This activity is called 'Rolling Upwards'.  Samara, Ethan and Zayleah were examining what is happening.  There are two metal poles that were about 1cm apart at the start.  The two poles slope upwards and they get wider as they go along.  When you placed the wooden object on the rods, it ran uphill.  The shape of the object and the way the rods get wider make it roll uphill.

This Balmacewen kid is helping me with this machine.  He told me that the machine was smart.  He said that the yellow ball went first and then the pink ball and it went in a pattern - yellow, pink, yellow, pink. Soon it shot out a yellow ball and then there were two pink balls together so one of them went into the reject bin so that the pattern went back to yellow, pink ...

For this activity you spoke to the microphone and your voice came out the speaker, but your voice was transmitted via laser.  If your hand blocked the laser your voice would not lay.  We also had a keyboard and each button had a tone and each tone was interpreted into a number.

I am seeing how much water is used in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and washing machine.  The bathroom used the most and the kitchen the least.  The washing machine also uses a lot of water.  I thought it would have been the other way around.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

latin pacific concert

Yesterday a man called Jonathan come in to do a  show.  Jonathan picked six people to be in a band, they were
Briarna, Abbey, ,Jeannie, Alex Wilson, Storm and Sam.  Briarna enjoyed being in the band, she says Jonathan had picked good beats.  Natasha  thought it was really good how Jonathan got everyone involved and how he showed us lots of different instruments. Andrew enjoyed him playing long guitar  music from other countries. Katelyn thought it was cool how he used his fingernails as picks. We really enjoyed the show it was super!!! 

Regan & Abbey

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Les Mills World of Fitness Pictures

Here are some pictures of us doing our fitness with Les Mills

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Les Mills School of Fitness

For five of the last ten weeks Les Mills have come along to do fitness with our school. On the first week we did Combat and Martial Arts. Some of the moves were jabs, uppercut, double Jab and cross. The people from Les Mills were Dallas Crystal. (I reckon Crystal used to be on Classic Hits).

By Andrew Knight & Regan Masina

The two weeks after that with Les Mills we did some martial arts as a warm-up and some hip-hop as a main.  Some moves we did were wave drop, heel, toe jump, shoulder rolls etc.  Everyone liked to sing along with the songs (especialy Katie Perrie).

by Kian Potts and Ryan Hill

We really loved Dallas & Crystal coming. We did body combat  and hiphop. We also did some games like one were you stand in a circle and 5 people go in the middle and some one chooses an animal and the 5 people have to do the animals actions. Me [Storm] and Ethan enjoyed Katie Perrie's California Girls

by Storm And Ethan

Les Mills has been a really great experince for those involved. We all really look forward to Crystal and Dallas coming back to see us next term with our  new sports equipment . We'll all hopefully learnt heaps of new dance moves, that we will use in the future. We greatly enjoyed Crystal and Dallas's company and dancing and we had an extra amount of fun. [ maybe  too much fun]

Abbey and Zay

Dallas and Crystal have helped everyone in our school to get fit and healthy and make us all feel proud of ourselves by teaching us hiphop and combat. We all will really miss Dallas and Crystal for making Bradford School a brilliant, healthy, active school. Also we did some strengh challenges.  I (Liam) tied with someone in room 5 it was exausting! Thank You Les Mills for taking up your time to come to Bradford School for our school term!!!!

Liam & Natasha

Dallas and Crystal were very fun and very nice to us whenever we did Les Mills. We enjoyed having them here to teach us new dances and exercises such as martial arts like boxing, muay, and thai but also we did hip hop  moves. We hope that they would come back to our school next year.

Jason-Mark & Alex Viane

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The NutCracker

Remember the Cinderella play from last year? Well this year we had Kim the actor/director who came to all the classes to act out scenes from The NutCracker! 
He told us our job was to participate in the scenes to help tell the story! Kim came prancing in and music started playing.

This is the first scene. It is about the Snow Queen who delivers presents to the President, his wife and children. This story is set in Russia. Clara, one of the daughters, gets a Nutcracker and takes it to bed and dreams about the nutcracker coming to life and turning into a Prince. The year 3s got to act out this scene.

The next scene was when Clara and the Prince went to Winter Wonderland. Regan (the Prince)was the lucky person to hold Reyana's (Clara) hand!  Year 1 and 2 acted this scene.  They pretended they were snowflakes falling on the ground, all around Clara and the Prince.

They then caught the "train" (all the year 6s) to Vladivostok through St Petersburg and a few other plaves, to Moscow. They got off the train in Ukraine and the Yr 5s got to do a dance with imaginary horses. 

Finally there was the dance with flowers which was the Yr 1s and 2s . 

We said abig thank-you to Kim. Back at class we discussed the story and we all agreed that it was a really good show.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainforest / Museum Visit

Our class went to visit the museum as part of our study on rain forests.  Here is what we learned.

Everybody got a container which had a little cotton ball of smelly stuff inside and we and had to go around and hunt for the smell that was the same as the one we had.  We weren't allowed to talk (because butterflies don't talk) and we had to be like a butterfly and sniff the pheromones.  This is how butterflies find each other.

Drinking Nectar
Everyone struggled to be like a butterfly in the rain forest and use their compound eyes and proboscus to suck the sour, but delicious, nectar (juice) out of the flower.  We all got there in the end.

Samara & Andrew

The Sahara is where it rains most in the world, then it is Asia, then Dunedin.

Damian & Briarna

The temperature in the rain forest can be anything from 25 - 40 degrees C.  When people enter the rain forest they immediately get a sticky feeling and that is because of the humidity.  The rain forest heat is to help the plants grow faster.

Aaron & Natasha

Bromeliads are epiphytes.  Epiphytes don't need soil to grow.  They perch on high branches of trees so they can reach lots of sunlight.  Epiphytes get their food and water directly from the air.

Alex & Vaughan

Palm Leaves
Palm leaves are big so they can catch as much sunlight as they can.  Only 2% of the sunlight reaches the forest floor which is where the palm leaves grow so they need to be big to catch what they can.  Most of the plants on the forest floor have big leaves.

Elle & Liam

The butterflies at the museum ate mashed up banana and fruit.  A male monarch butterfly has bigger spots than the female.  The life cycle is eggs - caterpillar - chrysalis, butterfly.  The only time a butterfly grows is when it is a caterpillar. They can tell each other apart by pheromones.  

The bromeliad can be found on tree barks. Rain fills the centre of the bromeliad and many animals, like frogs and tadpoles, live in this wee pool of water.

Storm & Zay

Humidity makes stuff go foggy.
It is very hot.
You can't see it.
It makes you sweaty.
It works like this - water vapor rises into the air (this is evaporation)  As it rises it cools down and this will make the fog on your bathroom mirror.

Ryan & Sam

When spiders get big they shed their skin - exo-sketeton.  There are lots of spiders in the rain forest and one of them is the tarantula.

Ethan & Alex

There are lots of animals that live on the forest floor and in the trees.  Quail is a bird that would normally live on the floor of the forest.  The museum has a gecko which lives in the trees.  There are lots of types of lizard in the understory and they use camouflage to stop being seen.

Jason & Chilay

Bradford Kids vs Teachers in Netball!!!

Today some of the Bradford Demons and some of the Bradford Blitz versed the teachers in netball. It was a tie. It was four all. 

Iiiitttttttit was a hard, tricky game because the teachers were all older and taller than us.

Mrs Tobin was the referee and she was going to give one person on the teachers team a yellow card for using bad language.  Luckily she was just joking!

We had three good shoots, Briarna, Samara and Andrew, but so did the teachers.

Most of the school came to watch us play.  Some of the children in Room 3 were being cheer leaders for the teacher's team.

Mr Graham wore a girls netball skirt and he looked funny (Ethan) gorgeous (Katelyn)
We were all sweating because we were tired.  It was a good game.  We hope we can have a rematch soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the first week back of term, Les Mills World of Fitness came to help our school get fit and healthy.

 To start it off on Thursday we did some martial arts. Most of thought it wouldn't be much fun exercising but it was really fun in the end.

 Les Mills is also helping Bradford earn money - each time a parent goes to Les Mills they give a dollar to the school. So far we have $122. The unfortunate part of it is that they only come once a fortnight.

The teachers do the exercises with us although Mrs Tobin seems to take a lot of photos when the actions get really fast!

By Natasha and Damian

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our cool and famous disco was held last week in Room 1.  The council were responsible for the decorations and the theme.  Everyone had to dress funky like Michael Jackson, or in things glittzy.

We had some competitions to see who could do the best Michael Jackson Moonwalk, coolest buddy dancers, and best dancers.  Jaidyn did the best moonwalk.  Mr Graham and Storm's dad showed us some Michael Jackson dance moves - those oldies can still move.

We put our new disco ball to good use.  We could buy glow sticks, drinks and chips.   Everyone was sad when the disco finished at 7pm.

Look at these cool dudes.
They had a great time.

Was sleep walking part of the dance?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hens Lay At Last!

The first egg laid this term was laid on the 14 of June 2010. We know what you're thinking... finally!
We all think it's Snowy- we all recognise the style of her eggs. It's a bit smaller than the eggs layed by other hens and its very pale. We were all very excited and when Aaron said there was an egg Jeannie and Sam thought he was joking, but when Jeannie looked into the cage she shouted, "There is an egg! There is an egg!" But Sam still said, "You're still joking. I know there is no egg at all!" But when Sam unlocked the padlock he exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! There really is an egg!"
When Jeannie took the egg back to the class room she whispered "There was an EGG!" and everyone clapped as loud as they could seeing the egg safely in the carton. Mrs.Tobin was the most excited of all. She clapped and cheered, she even took a photo of it! Here is the photo with the very special egg that saved the hens lives (before they layed this egg we were threatening them to make chicken soup!)

famous egg >                        Published by Aaron, Jeannie, and Sam.