Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pet Day

On Friday the 23rd of September Bradford school had a pet day.  Regan, Jaidyn and Katelyn were in charge of the music, the order that the animals went down the cat walk, and the prizes. Some of the prizes were note pad with calculator built in, dog food, water bottle, etc....

There were some very strange pets, including;  Lizards, pigs, sea monkeys, and some very imaginative creations like Sam's dog, Jacob's rugby ball pet and lots of other things too.

The first competition was the best tricks. There were lots of cool tricks so every one who entered got a packet of dog food.

The second competition was on the best dressed. Some pets wore butterfly wings, an all blacks shirt, and pirate costumes!

The last competition was on the most unusual pet. A lizard won that. It had an amazing blue mouth.

We had a really cool pet day!