Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art With Drew!!!

Over the last week Bradford School have been making some fabulous clay tiles. We had to design a picture that was something that we enjoyed at school.

First we had to learn how to roll the clay into coils and how to join pieces together.  Then we had to roll out a slab of clay and draw our design on it.  

Making our tile was quite difficult - we had to make sure all the pieces were well stuck on and smooth.  Our hands got really covered in clay as we used slip, watery clay, to make sure the pieces stuck.  We had to use a toothbrush to roughen up the surfaces before joining them together.

Then came the painting.

The first layer of paint was white.  This made the next colours that we put on stand out.  We were not allowed to use too much black because we wanted them to be bright.  We had to use tiny brushes to get into all the wee spaces.

Here is a step-by-step flow of Jacob's tile

What a lot of effort he put in.
Look at the smiley face.
This will look amazing on the finished art piece.

 Some of the Room 6 kids have been  doing art extention, they made our whanau group symbols. 

 Drew lay our tiles out to show us what the final piece would look like

Look at the manawa symbol, amazing! The heart has been carved beautifully with white clay. Look at the awesome Koiri patterns around the outside.

We think this is going to look amazingly awesome and can't wait to see it finally finished.


 By Katelyn and Abbie.

Monday, September 17, 2012


And they just kept coming.

 Earlier in the term, Bradford parents sold cheese rolls to their families and friends, their work mates and relatives to help raise money for the Year 5 & 6 outdoor education activities in Term 4.

After all the orders were counted, the parents had to make about 900 dozen cheese rolls - that's 10 800 cheese rolls altogether.

Some parents came along on the Friday night and helped and some came on the Saturday.  As well as rolling, there was a lot of talking and laughing.

On behalf of the children who will benefit from this fundraiser, I would like to thank all those families who either sold cheese rolls and / or helped to roll the during the weekend.  It is a big task, but it does pay as we made about $2 400 profit.

Roll on next year!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ukulele Jam

Ukulele Salute
     .....  everybody look to the left
            everybody look to the right .....

and you will see 400 excitedly nervous children playing the ukulele in a 'Jam' at George Street Normal school.  We began with the ukulele salute which is done by putting the ukulele on our heads, and listened for the first song.

There was a band there and they joined in with the songs, playing Utana first.  It was really noisy with everyone playing at the same time.  We did heaps of songs and our favourite was Price Tag.  Courage volunteered to do the rapping part and there was one boy from Carisbrook School who was spectacularly good at rapping.

A few days before the Jam, we designed, coloured and decorated a ukulele to go in a competition.  Only two were chosen from each school and when we arrived, all the entries were displayed on the windows.  There were two Highlanders players who judged the top three.  Mya came second.  She won a movie and a voucher.

We all had a fabulous time at the ukulele jam and can't wait to do it again next year.


   .....     It's all about jamming, jamming, jamming
                    It's all about jamming, jamming, jamming
                    We just wanna make the world dance
                   Forget about the school work     .....

Planned, written, and edited by R6

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whole School Fitness

This term we have been put into Whanau Groups.  The groups names are Pikorua (friendship), Koru (new life / learning), Matau (determination / leadership), and Manawa (heart).  There are some kids from every class in each group and we all have a group colour.  Pikorua's colour is blue.  Koru's colour is green.  Matau's colour is orange.  And Manawa's colour is red.

Some of the kids in Room 6 have organised a whole school fitness programme that happens at 12.15 each day.  We all go in our Whanau groups and do the fitness.  The activities are Jump Jam, walking, skipping, and obstacle course.  We do each activity for 3 minutes and then Mrs Tobin blows her whistle to tell us that it's time to move on to the next activity.

It's really, really fun.  We like being the leaders.  All of us Room 6 kids are going to get a go at being leader.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome Back to Term 3

We were very excited today because we all received a letter from Taylor - (Taylor and Jack left last term to go and live in Christchurch).  Everyone got a letter - Taylor must have been very busy writing them.  We enjoyed reading them.  She told us about her house, her new school, her neighbourhood and the earthquakes.  She has had a couple of earthquakes and she finds them really scary.

This week, we are all going to write letters back.

Our value for the term is 'Kia Runga Rawa - Aim High' and this week our goal is to set SMART goals for ourselves.  We have decided to have a whole class goal and it looks like this:
     S = specific  (do we clearly understand what we want to achieve?  Yes - plan, write and publish a letter to Taylor)
     M = measurable  (we will know if we have met our goal by having our letter finished by Friday)
     A = achievable  (can it be done, is our task something we can complete?  Yes!)
     R = relevant  (is there a purpose for our writing, is it important to us?  We want to reply to the letters Taylor sent us)
     T = time (we need to get our letters finished by Friday)

And we are all thinking of a creative way to publish them.

 Mrs Tobin wants to know where Jack's letters are - perhaps he is still writing them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cross Country

We had been practicing heaps, first running around the school and then out along the roads.  We had to go down Bradford St, along Kaikorai Valley Rd, up Glenelg, along Ronay, through the gate by Grason's house and down the hill to the finish line.  Phew!  It was hard work.

Then we had the big cross country along at Balmacewen Int where there were lots of other schools as well.  We were all really nervous.  The Year 5 girls went first.  Xanthe and Salani did really well.
                                                                                                                            Ready.  Set.  Go!

Then it was the Year 5 boys turn.  We were all cheering and yelling.  Cameron came 7th.

Next it was the Year 6 girls turn.  Lining up at the start was hard because there were so many people.  Everyone was pushing to see if they could get in the front.  When the clackers went, we zoomed off.  It was a long way round the field - you had to run all the way round the sports field plus up the steep little hills.  I was glad when I got to the finish line.

Katelyn and Krystal did really well.  Krystal got 9th and Katelyn got 10th.

The last race was the Year 6 boys.  By this time we were really yelling loud because Jacob was in second place at the start.  And - he was still in second place at the end.  He tried so hard to come first but he couldn't quite make it.  Well done Jacob.

It was a good day.  We all felt very pleased that it was over.

Abbie Fern (and Mrs T)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rocky Shore Trip

On the 9th March two excited bus-loads of children went to Warrington Beach.  We were all in small groups with a parent.

We were looking in the rock pools and we saw heaps of different creatures like crabs, sea stars, and chitons.  We were able to touch the animals and we patted some sea anemonies which felt like jelly.

Some groups found a cushion sea star and they picked it up to see the suckers on its feet underneath.  The barnacles were really sharp, one boy fell over and scratched his hands on them.

We also found snake skin chitons - we saw some at the aquarium so we knew exactly what they were.  They stuck to the rocks really tightly.

There was also paua there.  Jason told us that paua had to be a certain length before you were allowed to take it.  Some kids found empty paua shells.

When we lifted up some rocks there were hundreds of crabs under them.  They all tried to scuttle out of our way, but we weren't going to hurt them.  We had to carefully place the rocks back where we found them.

We also did a treasure hunt where we had to go all around the beach where we had to find all sorts of things.  My group won the smallest feather.

After we had lunch some of us built sand castles while others went back on to the rocks to keep looking at more creatures.  One group built a marae and it was really cool.  Some people dug so deep, they found water.  At the end we all got a lollypop.

It was an awesome day.