Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our cool and famous disco was held last week in Room 1.  The council were responsible for the decorations and the theme.  Everyone had to dress funky like Michael Jackson, or in things glittzy.

We had some competitions to see who could do the best Michael Jackson Moonwalk, coolest buddy dancers, and best dancers.  Jaidyn did the best moonwalk.  Mr Graham and Storm's dad showed us some Michael Jackson dance moves - those oldies can still move.

We put our new disco ball to good use.  We could buy glow sticks, drinks and chips.   Everyone was sad when the disco finished at 7pm.

Look at these cool dudes.
They had a great time.

Was sleep walking part of the dance?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hens Lay At Last!

The first egg laid this term was laid on the 14 of June 2010. We know what you're thinking... finally!
We all think it's Snowy- we all recognise the style of her eggs. It's a bit smaller than the eggs layed by other hens and its very pale. We were all very excited and when Aaron said there was an egg Jeannie and Sam thought he was joking, but when Jeannie looked into the cage she shouted, "There is an egg! There is an egg!" But Sam still said, "You're still joking. I know there is no egg at all!" But when Sam unlocked the padlock he exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! There really is an egg!"
When Jeannie took the egg back to the class room she whispered "There was an EGG!" and everyone clapped as loud as they could seeing the egg safely in the carton. Mrs.Tobin was the most excited of all. She clapped and cheered, she even took a photo of it! Here is the photo with the very special egg that saved the hens lives (before they layed this egg we were threatening them to make chicken soup!)

famous egg >                        Published by Aaron, Jeannie, and Sam.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vege Creatures

Today in Discovery some of us made creatures out of vegetables.

Mrs Tobin bought some potatoes, carrots, leeks, brussel sprouts and some long stuff that looked like grass but smelled like onions.

We had a chopping board, some knives and some toothpicks.  Before we started we had to think what our Vege Creature would look like.  Then we had to cut the vegetables and stick the pieces together with the toothpicks.

Here are some of our Vege Creatures

This is Briarna's creature.
She calls it a

(You will have to ask
Briarna how to pronounce

This is Kian's Vege Creature.
He calls it a Dragith.  It has large
wings so that it can fly.

We hope that we can make Vege Creatures in Discovery again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Discovery today we took photos of each other and made these faces.  They look really funny.

We had to take a photo and print it out on the photocopier.  Then we had to cut it into strips so that we could weave it.

Weaving was quite hard because you had to make sure the pieces stayed in the right place.  Also you had to get the over, under bits right.

We're not too happy with our pictures.  Our eyes look weird. The one in the book looked much better.

Next time we have to make sure that the faces are exactly the same.

Ethan & Regan