Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainforest / Museum Visit

Our class went to visit the museum as part of our study on rain forests.  Here is what we learned.

Everybody got a container which had a little cotton ball of smelly stuff inside and we and had to go around and hunt for the smell that was the same as the one we had.  We weren't allowed to talk (because butterflies don't talk) and we had to be like a butterfly and sniff the pheromones.  This is how butterflies find each other.

Drinking Nectar
Everyone struggled to be like a butterfly in the rain forest and use their compound eyes and proboscus to suck the sour, but delicious, nectar (juice) out of the flower.  We all got there in the end.

Samara & Andrew

The Sahara is where it rains most in the world, then it is Asia, then Dunedin.

Damian & Briarna

The temperature in the rain forest can be anything from 25 - 40 degrees C.  When people enter the rain forest they immediately get a sticky feeling and that is because of the humidity.  The rain forest heat is to help the plants grow faster.

Aaron & Natasha

Bromeliads are epiphytes.  Epiphytes don't need soil to grow.  They perch on high branches of trees so they can reach lots of sunlight.  Epiphytes get their food and water directly from the air.

Alex & Vaughan

Palm Leaves
Palm leaves are big so they can catch as much sunlight as they can.  Only 2% of the sunlight reaches the forest floor which is where the palm leaves grow so they need to be big to catch what they can.  Most of the plants on the forest floor have big leaves.

Elle & Liam

The butterflies at the museum ate mashed up banana and fruit.  A male monarch butterfly has bigger spots than the female.  The life cycle is eggs - caterpillar - chrysalis, butterfly.  The only time a butterfly grows is when it is a caterpillar. They can tell each other apart by pheromones.  

The bromeliad can be found on tree barks. Rain fills the centre of the bromeliad and many animals, like frogs and tadpoles, live in this wee pool of water.

Storm & Zay

Humidity makes stuff go foggy.
It is very hot.
You can't see it.
It makes you sweaty.
It works like this - water vapor rises into the air (this is evaporation)  As it rises it cools down and this will make the fog on your bathroom mirror.

Ryan & Sam

When spiders get big they shed their skin - exo-sketeton.  There are lots of spiders in the rain forest and one of them is the tarantula.

Ethan & Alex

There are lots of animals that live on the forest floor and in the trees.  Quail is a bird that would normally live on the floor of the forest.  The museum has a gecko which lives in the trees.  There are lots of types of lizard in the understory and they use camouflage to stop being seen.

Jason & Chilay

Bradford Kids vs Teachers in Netball!!!

Today some of the Bradford Demons and some of the Bradford Blitz versed the teachers in netball. It was a tie. It was four all. 

Iiiitttttttit was a hard, tricky game because the teachers were all older and taller than us.

Mrs Tobin was the referee and she was going to give one person on the teachers team a yellow card for using bad language.  Luckily she was just joking!

We had three good shoots, Briarna, Samara and Andrew, but so did the teachers.

Most of the school came to watch us play.  Some of the children in Room 3 were being cheer leaders for the teacher's team.

Mr Graham wore a girls netball skirt and he looked funny (Ethan) gorgeous (Katelyn)
We were all sweating because we were tired.  It was a good game.  We hope we can have a rematch soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the first week back of term, Les Mills World of Fitness came to help our school get fit and healthy.

 To start it off on Thursday we did some martial arts. Most of thought it wouldn't be much fun exercising but it was really fun in the end.

 Les Mills is also helping Bradford earn money - each time a parent goes to Les Mills they give a dollar to the school. So far we have $122. The unfortunate part of it is that they only come once a fortnight.

The teachers do the exercises with us although Mrs Tobin seems to take a lot of photos when the actions get really fast!

By Natasha and Damian