Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Swimming

For the last 2 weeks the whole school has been going swimming at Moana Pool. We did swimming lessons and dived off the diving boards while the other group went into the wave pool.
First room 3 and 4 went swimming and then room 5 and 6 went.

Mr MacLeod joined the groups for a play in the wave pool.
Everyone jumped off the diving boards but some wouldn't take the challenge at jumping off the 3 METRE!!!
 Michelle and Big Bad Mike were the tutors.
In the wave pool people had the opportunity to jump off the side, unfortunately some people missed out!
While the waves were on people weren't aloud to jump off the sides, so they all grabbed a board and surfed to the deep end!
The tutors would teach us in the main pool.and after a hard days swimming we get to play a game like penguin or we do roly polys. It is very noisy on the bus because half of the two classes are doing pan cakes out loud (they were having much fun as possible!!!)


Thank  for checking out  Bradford 6 a great mix!
 Come again!!!!
We hope you enjoyed it.

by Ryan Hill and Briarna Kareroa

The Power of One

Two actors, Hannah and David, presented a show on bullying.  This was a serious show with a serious message.  Here are some of the main points.

To define bullying, actions need to be hurtful, purposeful, and repeated.

Bullying can come in many forms: physical, verbal, exclusion, cyber bullying...

What to do if you think you are being bullied:
   Decide if the bullying is hurtful, purposeful and repeated
   Approach the bully and tell them how you feel - "It really hurts when you say things like that and I'd like you to stop."
   Report the bullying to a teacher or an adult
   Find out what the teacher (or adult) is going to do about it and when they're going to do it.

A bystander, is also a bully.  There are three types of bullying bystanders:
   watcher - someone who watches others get bullied but when asked about it, claim they have seen nothing
   ignorer - someone who knows others are being bullied but does nothing about it - ignores it
   cheerer - someone who cheers bullies on, encourages them to bully more


Step up and stop bullying.

Children then read The Power of One oath
     I will not bully others
     I will not stand by while others are being bullied
     I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it
     Because I have
     The Power of One

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cross Country Race

The last few weeks Room 6 and the year 5s from Room 5 have been practising for our cross country race on Tuesday the 8th of March.

We all went on a bus to Balmacewen School.  There were heaps of other schools there too, like Mornington, Brockville and more.

The track was quite long and some people ran very fast.  We were all puffing when we crossed the finish line.

 When the children were competing they were working really hard to finish the race but before they could finish the race they had to go up a really steep hill. Everyone was very proud of themselves by the end of the race and competition. When the competition started it started raining and didn't stop until the races were finished.  


There were two girls who made it into the top ten in the cross country. The two girls were Zayleah in the Year 6 girls race and Jeannie in the Year 5 girls race. The two girls will compete at the end of the year in another race with the other people who also made it into the top ten.

This is Mrs T's favourite picture.
It is Sam's elbow.
He was running so fast that he ran right out of the shot.

Speedy work, Sam.

By Jason-Mark & Natasha

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Museum Fun

We went to the museum last Thursday to see the dinoraur exhibition.  We did little activities like pretending  to be palentologists by digging up fossils/bones.  We had to use brushes to brush away the sand so we could see the fossils and footprints.

On the wall was a triceratops and a tyrannosaurus rex.  They were HUGE but not as huge as the brachiosaurus which was twice as long as the t-rex and twice as tall. We had to fill in a reason sheet, that explained why the dinosaurs were the size they were.

Another activity was dressing up someone in  newspaper to look like a dinosaur.  This was fun.  We could make them big and scary.  We also had to make a fact sheet on the dinoaur, giving it a name and saying what it eats.  Here is a Regansaurus.  He's pretty scary.

We also learnt about dinoaur egg.  Dinosaur eggs are much bigger that hens eggs and they are oval shape.  One dinosaur mother lays her eggs in a circle - she stands in one spot and turns round and as she turns round she lays the eggs.
This is Baby Louie.  Bany Louie is a dinouaur inside an egg.

After the museum we walked down to the art gallery and did some cool art with John.  Here are some of our art works:


By Abbey and Alex