Sunday, November 28, 2010


Pets everywhere we looked.  Cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, and creative pets like pine cones - lol!!!
There were prizes given out for best dressed pet, the most unusual - a pine cone almost won that, but the chickens won, the most obedient, and lots more.

We had the big dogs parade first, then the middle size dogs, and then the small dogs.  There were cats, birds and even a snail.

We had to have our pets there in the morning and then our parents had to take them home so they wouldn't be at school all day.

It was really nice because lots of parents came with their pets.

It was a great morning and we hope we can do it again next year.

By Storm and Alex W

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Science Roadshow

Today we went to the Science Roadshow at Balmacewen.  They had heaps of things to do in their hall.  First we watched some demonstrations and they let off a rocket; it was really loud.  Then we were allowed to play with the other activities.

Here we have Jonathan.  Jonathan is looking through the microscope at some pieces of cloth.  You can see the cotton really up close.  Hopefully Jonathan is having lots of fun.

I went to the exhibit where you have to get a ball through the hoops.  The white part in the photo is where the ball bounces off and you can shift it to change the angle.  The higher up you put the slope, the higher the ball would go,  I managed to get the ball through one of the hoops.

WOOSH!  Here we are playing with hover balloons,  First we filled the balloons with air from an automatic bike pump.  The air would fill up the balloon and as it came out it would make them travel across the table, and we could play bumper carts.
Liam & Ryan

This is a nail bed and I'm lying on it.  It didn't really hurt.  This is because there are heaps of nails around you and this helps support you.  If you stood on just one nail it would really hurt.

You can put the ball on top of the blower and it will support the ball in the air.  The blower has to match the arrow and when it does it starts.  If you turn the table round one of the plates hovers below the other. Turn the table once again and you remove the plate and place a ball on the blower and it will start to bounce.

I went to this table that has a hair dryer, different kinds of metal rods, a holder, and a small measuring machine.  The point was to use the hair dryer to heat up the rods to see if they expand.  We had to see which type of rod expanded the most.

This activity is called 'Rolling Upwards'.  Samara, Ethan and Zayleah were examining what is happening.  There are two metal poles that were about 1cm apart at the start.  The two poles slope upwards and they get wider as they go along.  When you placed the wooden object on the rods, it ran uphill.  The shape of the object and the way the rods get wider make it roll uphill.

This Balmacewen kid is helping me with this machine.  He told me that the machine was smart.  He said that the yellow ball went first and then the pink ball and it went in a pattern - yellow, pink, yellow, pink. Soon it shot out a yellow ball and then there were two pink balls together so one of them went into the reject bin so that the pattern went back to yellow, pink ...

For this activity you spoke to the microphone and your voice came out the speaker, but your voice was transmitted via laser.  If your hand blocked the laser your voice would not lay.  We also had a keyboard and each button had a tone and each tone was interpreted into a number.

I am seeing how much water is used in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet and washing machine.  The bathroom used the most and the kitchen the least.  The washing machine also uses a lot of water.  I thought it would have been the other way around.