Sunday, August 21, 2011


We had our first session of gymnastics with Ginny today and it was fun.  We got the mats out and we had to do lots of balancing.

Here Alex is balancing on his bottom and keeping his feet off the ground.

Here Jeannie and Katelyn have their feet together and they are holding hands and leaning back as far as they can
This is a picture of Katelyn P balancing on one hand and one foot.  She stayed like this for ages.
This activity was fun.  We had to put our feet together and then push hard and lift our bottoms off the ground.

Gymnastics with Ginny was fun.

Awesome Scientists

Last week we had a visit from two scientists, Esther and Matt.  They came to do some experiments about sound.  When we got to Room 1 we were put into three groups.

In the first group we had to make a bongo drum with a tube and a balloon.  We had to stretch the balloon over the top of the tube.  It was quite tricky because the balloons were a bit small.  When you got it over it sounded like a drum.

In the next group we had to cut a straw and then when we blowed into it it made a sound.  It was the vibrations that made the sound.  I took mine home and mum said that if I didn't stop blowing it, she would take it off me.
Did you know that you can whisper through a balloon and the person listening on the other side can hear you?

Matt had some liquid nitrogen that was really, really cold.  It was so cold that he froze a banana.  He also poured some on to a balloon and all the air went out of the balloon.  As the balloon warmed back up, the air came back into the balloon.  It was really cool.

Esther and Matt made some ice-cream for us with the liquid nitrogen.  It had chocolate chips in it.  It was really nice and creamy.  Esther said it was better than real ice cream because the liquid nitrogen freezes it so fast that it doesn't get a chance to get icy, like other ice cream.  It was really yummy.