Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Les Mills School of Fitness

For five of the last ten weeks Les Mills have come along to do fitness with our school. On the first week we did Combat and Martial Arts. Some of the moves were jabs, uppercut, double Jab and cross. The people from Les Mills were Dallas Crystal. (I reckon Crystal used to be on Classic Hits).

By Andrew Knight & Regan Masina

The two weeks after that with Les Mills we did some martial arts as a warm-up and some hip-hop as a main.  Some moves we did were wave drop, heel, toe jump, shoulder rolls etc.  Everyone liked to sing along with the songs (especialy Katie Perrie).

by Kian Potts and Ryan Hill

We really loved Dallas & Crystal coming. We did body combat  and hiphop. We also did some games like one were you stand in a circle and 5 people go in the middle and some one chooses an animal and the 5 people have to do the animals actions. Me [Storm] and Ethan enjoyed Katie Perrie's California Girls

by Storm And Ethan

Les Mills has been a really great experince for those involved. We all really look forward to Crystal and Dallas coming back to see us next term with our  new sports equipment . We'll all hopefully learnt heaps of new dance moves, that we will use in the future. We greatly enjoyed Crystal and Dallas's company and dancing and we had an extra amount of fun. [ maybe  too much fun]

Abbey and Zay

Dallas and Crystal have helped everyone in our school to get fit and healthy and make us all feel proud of ourselves by teaching us hiphop and combat. We all will really miss Dallas and Crystal for making Bradford School a brilliant, healthy, active school. Also we did some strengh challenges.  I (Liam) tied with someone in room 5 it was exausting! Thank You Les Mills for taking up your time to come to Bradford School for our school term!!!!

Liam & Natasha

Dallas and Crystal were very fun and very nice to us whenever we did Les Mills. We enjoyed having them here to teach us new dances and exercises such as martial arts like boxing, muay, and thai but also we did hip hop  moves. We hope that they would come back to our school next year.

Jason-Mark & Alex Viane

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The NutCracker

Remember the Cinderella play from last year? Well this year we had Kim the actor/director who came to all the classes to act out scenes from The NutCracker! 
He told us our job was to participate in the scenes to help tell the story! Kim came prancing in and music started playing.

This is the first scene. It is about the Snow Queen who delivers presents to the President, his wife and children. This story is set in Russia. Clara, one of the daughters, gets a Nutcracker and takes it to bed and dreams about the nutcracker coming to life and turning into a Prince. The year 3s got to act out this scene.

The next scene was when Clara and the Prince went to Winter Wonderland. Regan (the Prince)was the lucky person to hold Reyana's (Clara) hand!  Year 1 and 2 acted this scene.  They pretended they were snowflakes falling on the ground, all around Clara and the Prince.

They then caught the "train" (all the year 6s) to Vladivostok through St Petersburg and a few other plaves, to Moscow. They got off the train in Ukraine and the Yr 5s got to do a dance with imaginary horses. 

Finally there was the dance with flowers which was the Yr 1s and 2s . 

We said abig thank-you to Kim. Back at class we discussed the story and we all agreed that it was a really good show.