Sunday, April 25, 2010

Term 2 Values

At Bradford School our values are respect, integrity, honesty, and empathy and this term we are looking at empathy.

Empathy is caring for others, being nice to others, and looking after others.

We sent out some special spies who were to look for children being empathetic around our playground at lunchtimes.

This is what we found:

Storm has found some of the junior children and she is playing ball with them on the tennis court.

Elle is showing empathy by helping a little one get up on the bars.  Great lifting Elle.

Here Jason is holding the tyre swing while someone climbs through.  We often see Jason showing empathy around the school.  He is one of the seniors that the other children look up to.

And Mrs O'Donnell is showing empathy by spending time with one of the children.  The teachers show lots of empathy around the school.  The seniors do too because they all have a buddy in Room 3 and they have to look after them and make sure they are OK at lunchtimes.

by Room 6 

Highlanders Run

Friday was really exciting because some of us because we got to go to the 'Captain's Run', which is where the captain of the Highlanders, Jimmy Cowan, takes his team through some drills.


                                                           One of our many photographers

Only some very special Year 5 and 6 children got to go.  They had to be a 3.5 or a 4 on our levels.

We went to Carisbrook to watch the game and we were allowed to take something that the Highlanders could autograph.  Some people took paper, and some took t-shirts or capes.

We also got to see Jimmy Cowan and it was so cool.

As well as seeing the players, we got to watch the training and then we were allowed to get their autographs.

At the end we got a sword each.

It was really cool and I hope we can go to the Captain's Run next year.

By Jason-Mark and Storm

Many thanks to the lovely ladies at the BNZ who made it possible for these lucky children to attend this very special and exciting event.  -  Mrs Tobin