Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 4 Review

We have been using our 'hats' to reflect on the week.

Red hat (feelings)
   We felt we had a pleasant week.  Regan and Briarna were put on the Power of One wall, we made ice-cream, and the weather was nice.
Abbey, Zay, Regan

Black hat (not so good things)
   We had some boys who tried to start a gang.  We know this is not right because it can lead to bullying and we don't like bullying at our school.
Ryan, Jeannie, Alex

White hat (information)
   When we were making ice-cream we learnt that if you add salt to the ice it helps with the freezing of the ice cream.  Some of us also learnt how to multiply numbers by 0.1.  (and we're really good at it)
Chilay, Andrew, Liam

Yellow hat (benefits)
   The children who were on level 3 1/2 - 4 were given breakfast in the library.  They had a 'fear factor' challenge where they had to see how quickly they could eat a dry weetbix.  It was cool fun.  We hope we are 4's so we can go again.   Our student teachers have been teaching us heaps of cool things.
Elle, Damian, Kian,Storm, Aaron

Green hat (creativity)
   We were very creative when we made our ice cream and also in some of our discovery activities.
Briarna, Vaughan, Katelyn, Jason

Next week we are going to try and import some cool hats for our page


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bullying Skits

This term is such a long term that we have two inquiry topics and the first is bullying.  There are four different types of bullying, physical, verbal, exclusion and cyber.  Some children wrote skits around these types of bullying.

The Power of One show that we saw last term taught us about the types of bullying and the people who  take part.

Our skits had to have a bully, a target, a Power of one person, and a bystander.  Most of us had a narrator as well.  The narrator helped to hold the story together.

Some of us wrote our own skits and some of us wrote with a buddy.  Our skits had to be short simple and punchy to hook the audience in and get the message across.  we had to decide on the scene - where our skit took place, and when we were writing it  we had to use dialogue instead for the narrator telling the story.

We had to choose our own characters from people in the class and everybody had something to do.

We had to practice lots before we performed to the class and then we had auditions to see whose skits would be performed in assembly.  Mrs Tobin chose one of each type of bullying.

To identify our characters we made head-bands with 'bully', 'target', etc on.  This helped the audience know who people were.

Here are our wonderful skits that we performed in assembly.

We're trying to add our videos to the BLOG but are having some technical difficulties - keep watching.