Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leaders Day

On the 14th of February Room 6  had their first Leaders Day.  First of all, we had to be leaders and teach others in our group something.  We had a lot of fun doing that.

Two girls from Southern Steel, Demelza and Shannon, came to talk to us about being a team member. They told us that to be a good team member you have to be respectful towards others, encouraging, and have courage. Also they said everyone can be a leader, even if they are very shy. Leaders have to say put-ups to other team members to make them feel good about doing something.

We got into groups and we all got a theme such as Rippa, fashion designers and the army.We had to get everyone excited and inspired to do the theme.

At the end we all got a sticker saying "We stand behind the Steel"

Katie was teaching  PALs at our Leaders Day.  PAL means Physical Activity Leaders.  She showed us how hard it is to do things when you're blind.  We had a buddy and one of us put a blind fold on and we went for a walk with some obstacles.  We had to tell them what was coming next.  We went up a hill, through  door ways, under low things, and up stairs.  Then we swapped and we went  down hills and up again.  It was very scary because you don't know where you are going.  You need to trust your buddy for this activity.

Another thing we did was play a game called 22 Scoodoo where there are 3 people in jail and the rest of the people are out of the circle.  You have to try to get the people out of jail, but there is a twist - you can not get hit or you end up in jail.
to get people out of jail you need to give them 10 high 10s.  You win when everyone is out of jail.  If you all get in jail, then the boppers win the game.

With Clare we did peer tutoring.  For peer tutoring we went into buddies and one of the buddy was the student and the other on was the teacher.  We did some writing with pictures and some other people did some sentences and they had to finish it off.  

In peer mediation we learnt the three listening ways.  The first one is busy listening - this is a bad thing because you look like you're listening but you are really not.  The second one is 'me to' listening where you are talking to someone and they butt in and start talking about something else.  And last but not least, it is active listening when you  use your eyes to show that you are listening to the person talking and you ask a question at the end so they know you are listening.

Leaders Day was really cool and we hope we can do it again next year.

Xanthe, Bella, Natasha & Lynley

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome 2012

Here we are - the best looking kids in the school in the best class in the school.  I'd like to welcome three new faces - Logan, Declan and Aleks, and two old faces who I really didn't expect to see - Taylor and Jack.

Following is some thoughts of the first few days at school:

On Monday night I was a wee bit nervous because it was the first day back at school and I had a new teacher and new classmates, but on Tuesday morning I wasn't that nervous.  I was up bright and early, got dressed and went to school.  It was soooo cool.  We got to choose where we sat so I sat with Bethany, Amber, and Sarah.  It was nice.

On Monday night I was super nervous.  I hadn't been to school for 6 weeks and I could hardly get to sleep.  Finally, Tuesday morning was the big day.  I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put on my nicest clothes and shoes.  Mum drove Bella and I to school.  We ran to our class; we were nervous but really excited.  We hung up our bags and got ready for class.  All our friends started to come in and we were so happy to see them.

On Tuesday morning I felt very (100x) nervous because on that morning it was my first day being a Year 6 and being in a completely different class, which can be very scary.  I got into class and found out who was sitting by me, then Mrs Tobin, our lovely teacher, taught us some games.  One of the games was People Dominoes and you have to choose someone who has something the same, like if you were wearing a skirt you would pick someone else who was wearing a skirt.  Another game was Hunt the Human.  That was where you had to find someone who had a birthday in the same month as you, and so on.  At the moment we are doing banners about ourselves.  We are also doing the cross country where you have to beat your time each day, well try to anyway.  My feelings for Room 6 is that I'm enjoying it, I'm not nervous, and we do lots of cool things.   I love being in Room 6 and being a Year 6.
Natasha (Tash)

On Monday night I was very happy that I was going back to school to see all of my friends and then I had to go to bed until school started.  In the morning I was really happy that I was in Room 6 and Ethan is in Room 6 and he is my friend.

At school we got to choose where we wanted to sit.  At the end of the day did black, red, green, and yellow hat thinking about our classroom layout.  We decided it was too squishy, people couldn't move around, and some people had their backs to the board.   We had to write about the desks so we could make it better for the next day.
Cameron & Logan

I really am enjoying Room 6.  It is a start to a new adventure.  I will be very sad when I leave. (so will I, Taylor.  Let's hope you're with us for a while yet.  Mrs T)  We have got a wicked teacher, Mrs Tobin.  She is so fun to be around.  I think when everybody leaves this classroom they will be as clever as scientists.