Monday, March 19, 2012

Rocky Shore Trip

On the 9th March two excited bus-loads of children went to Warrington Beach.  We were all in small groups with a parent.

We were looking in the rock pools and we saw heaps of different creatures like crabs, sea stars, and chitons.  We were able to touch the animals and we patted some sea anemonies which felt like jelly.

Some groups found a cushion sea star and they picked it up to see the suckers on its feet underneath.  The barnacles were really sharp, one boy fell over and scratched his hands on them.

We also found snake skin chitons - we saw some at the aquarium so we knew exactly what they were.  They stuck to the rocks really tightly.

There was also paua there.  Jason told us that paua had to be a certain length before you were allowed to take it.  Some kids found empty paua shells.

When we lifted up some rocks there were hundreds of crabs under them.  They all tried to scuttle out of our way, but we weren't going to hurt them.  We had to carefully place the rocks back where we found them.

We also did a treasure hunt where we had to go all around the beach where we had to find all sorts of things.  My group won the smallest feather.

After we had lunch some of us built sand castles while others went back on to the rocks to keep looking at more creatures.  One group built a marae and it was really cool.  Some people dug so deep, they found water.  At the end we all got a lollypop.

It was an awesome day.


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  1. Hi Room 6,
    Sounds like you were really able to make the best of your trip, with lots of Rocky Shore creatures to be found. Great to hear you were using protocol that respects the creatures and the environment they live in, while making your observations.
    Mrs M.B.