Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cross Country

We had been practicing heaps, first running around the school and then out along the roads.  We had to go down Bradford St, along Kaikorai Valley Rd, up Glenelg, along Ronay, through the gate by Grason's house and down the hill to the finish line.  Phew!  It was hard work.

Then we had the big cross country along at Balmacewen Int where there were lots of other schools as well.  We were all really nervous.  The Year 5 girls went first.  Xanthe and Salani did really well.
                                                                                                                            Ready.  Set.  Go!

Then it was the Year 5 boys turn.  We were all cheering and yelling.  Cameron came 7th.

Next it was the Year 6 girls turn.  Lining up at the start was hard because there were so many people.  Everyone was pushing to see if they could get in the front.  When the clackers went, we zoomed off.  It was a long way round the field - you had to run all the way round the sports field plus up the steep little hills.  I was glad when I got to the finish line.

Katelyn and Krystal did really well.  Krystal got 9th and Katelyn got 10th.

The last race was the Year 6 boys.  By this time we were really yelling loud because Jacob was in second place at the start.  And - he was still in second place at the end.  He tried so hard to come first but he couldn't quite make it.  Well done Jacob.

It was a good day.  We all felt very pleased that it was over.

Abbie Fern (and Mrs T)


  1. Hi Room 6,
    I can sense the nerves in the starting line photo. You'd all had lots of practise, which really helps build your fitness and gets you set for the big race! Looking forward to the Otago Championships.
    Mrs M.B. :-)

  2. Hi Room 6! I check in once in a while with Bradford School and what did I find? All of you in Mrs. T's class! Wow you have all grown so much! It looks like you are having a lovely school year and your class looks wonderful as well. Keep up your hard work! I miss you all! Love Miss Twitchin