Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whole School Fitness

This term we have been put into Whanau Groups.  The groups names are Pikorua (friendship), Koru (new life / learning), Matau (determination / leadership), and Manawa (heart).  There are some kids from every class in each group and we all have a group colour.  Pikorua's colour is blue.  Koru's colour is green.  Matau's colour is orange.  And Manawa's colour is red.

Some of the kids in Room 6 have organised a whole school fitness programme that happens at 12.15 each day.  We all go in our Whanau groups and do the fitness.  The activities are Jump Jam, walking, skipping, and obstacle course.  We do each activity for 3 minutes and then Mrs Tobin blows her whistle to tell us that it's time to move on to the next activity.

It's really, really fun.  We like being the leaders.  All of us Room 6 kids are going to get a go at being leader.

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