Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome Back to Term 3

We were very excited today because we all received a letter from Taylor - (Taylor and Jack left last term to go and live in Christchurch).  Everyone got a letter - Taylor must have been very busy writing them.  We enjoyed reading them.  She told us about her house, her new school, her neighbourhood and the earthquakes.  She has had a couple of earthquakes and she finds them really scary.

This week, we are all going to write letters back.

Our value for the term is 'Kia Runga Rawa - Aim High' and this week our goal is to set SMART goals for ourselves.  We have decided to have a whole class goal and it looks like this:
     S = specific  (do we clearly understand what we want to achieve?  Yes - plan, write and publish a letter to Taylor)
     M = measurable  (we will know if we have met our goal by having our letter finished by Friday)
     A = achievable  (can it be done, is our task something we can complete?  Yes!)
     R = relevant  (is there a purpose for our writing, is it important to us?  We want to reply to the letters Taylor sent us)
     T = time (we need to get our letters finished by Friday)

And we are all thinking of a creative way to publish them.

 Mrs Tobin wants to know where Jack's letters are - perhaps he is still writing them.


  1. Pretty awesome receiving all those letters! Great to hear your goal of writing back to Taylor with all your news soon.
    Congratulations to the children who put the whole school fitness programme together - we had a great time and I'm looking forward to our next session!
    Mrs M.B.

  2. Hi Room 6,
    It was great to hear about the letters Taylor sent to each of you... I hope the week of replying went well. Did the class manage to achieve at being SMART? You look like a SMART bunch to me :)
    Looking forward to hearing about your efforts throughout the rest of the term.